The 4Ever All In One Graco Car Seat Review 2019

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  • Very safe: Has a record of safety
  • Easy installation
  • Extended rear-facing time for toddlers


  • Bulky and heavy
  • Seat belt cannot be locked as in other competitor car seats
  • Blocks the view if headrest is in highest position


The 4Ever All In One Graco Car Seat Full Review 2019

The 4Ever All In One Graco Car SeatHave you decided to buy a car seat that will not only be for the first year of your baby’s life? Or has your baby outgrown the infant carrier that you bought around a year ago? Then you are on the right spot here because we have reviewed the best convertible car seats that will fit all your needs.

The 4Ever All In One Graco Car Seat has remained in the top ten convertible car seats for many years and it proves to be a good choice for so many parents over and over again.

We are the happy owners of a few of these car seats as well, and they have been a great choice for our family as well.  With so many features and such a long lifespan, parents cannot ask for much more when it comes to the safety and comfort of their child.

Before we went to buy our first car seat, we were looking at many options available at department stores, but from everything that we found, our eyes immediately were drawn to this car seat and we bought it.  Although our friends and family thought we should have gone with a more expensive and fancier option, we thought this was just perfect for our budget and our needs.

Over time, we have seen so many positive comments and reviews about this car seat, that we cannot but chime in and share what we have liked about this car seat.

What Is The Graco 4Ever All in One?

The Graco 4Ever All in One car seat stands for 4 stages.  You can use this car seat for your newborn baby in the rear-facing position (4-40 pounds) until she is old enough to switch to the forward-facing position (22 to 65 pounds).  After she is old and big enough for a booster seat, you can hide the harness and use it as a high back booster with the seat belt (30-100 pounds).  And lastly, before your child is completely ready to sit in the seat of your car, there is a fine line, where she does not need a high back booster, but a backless booster.  This car seat also has this feature (40-120 pounds or 57″ tall).

Convertible car seats rarely have the 4th stage included, which is what makes this car seat ideal for anybody looking for something to last very long.  With this car seat, you will not have to worry about buying a new car seat so often.

This Graco product is multifunctional; therefore, you cannot expect that every feature will be working to the extent that a one-function car seat would offer.  However, it is a decent product that does its job very well, regardless of the flaws a multi-functional product has.

Features of the Graco 4Ever All In One

The appealing fact about this car seat is that you do not have to worry about buying a new car seat too often.

Time goes by so fast and before you realize, your child is already in the next stage, and you do not have a new car seat ready.  That infant car seat that you bought to last for 2 years, is already too small for your child.  And that seems to happen with the blink of an eye.

When you buy the Graco 4Ever All In One, it gives you between 10-12 years of protection (although the expiration date is 10 years).  Beyond the 10-year-frame, you will not want to use the back of this seat anymore, but since the seat does not really protect your child, you can use the booster seat for some time, if your child has not outgrown it by the age of 10, which it will likely have.

Safety is very important for Graco.  They invest thousands every year in research and testing to make sure their car seats meet the highest standards.  In fact, this car seat exceeds federal requirements.  The steel-reinforced frame makes the car seat sturdy and prevents too much damage in the case of a collision.

The deep side walls, as well as the energy-absorbing properties of the frame, give your child extra safety and protection

Lower LATCH connectors make installation easy with only one click.  The bubble indicator, on the other hand, eases the installation process, by showing you when it is in place.

There are 10 headrest positions with a non-rethreading harness, which you can adjust the shoulder height of your baby with only one hand and also one click.  The 6 reclining positions make a comfortable ride for your baby in any position, especially the newborn and baby position, where it is crucial for your baby to be at a correct angle to prevent positional asphyxiation.

2 cupholders serve as a place to put the infant’s sippy cups, toys, bottles, and whatever is needed.  And a small storage room lets you hide the harness once you use the car seat in the high back seat mode.

The fabric of this car seat is quality material that can all be detached rather easily to toss into the washer and dryer.  In fact, cleaning the car seat is not difficult once you remove the fabrics.  Where there are kids, all kinds of debris, food rests, toys, etc. are found.  This car seat makes the cleaning procedure easy.

And to top it off, a 10-year expiration date lets you use this for an extended period, compared to many other car seats on the market.  This great model is also available in at least 10 different colors to match your style, preference, car, and need.

The Positive and Negative About The Graco 4ever All In One Convertible Car Seat

Every product that you buy has its positive and negative sides.  The Graco 4Ever All In One is not an exception to this rule.

We have tested and tried this car seat for years and we do have some very positive comments about it as well as some things that we do not like.

Things that we like:

  • The 4 stages of this car seat.  It is so practical that you can use it for any size and age child.  If you are expecting a baby, you can buy this one; if you have a toddler, you can buy this car seat and it is a perfect match and so on.
  • Expiration date. This car seat has the potential to last up to 10 years.  You can either use it for multiple children in different stages or for one child for many years.
  • Variety of colors.  Graco offers gender-neutral colors, gender-specific colors, or whatever you are especially looking for.  There are currently 10 different colors to choose from.
  • Long bottom.  We have long-legged children and these car seats are just perfect for them.  However, we also understand that the bottom might be a little large for smaller children.  Nevertheless, for the later stages (when your child is 6+ years old) the large bottom is very practical
  • No rethreading needed.  Having to unbuckle the car seat and rethreading the harness each time your child outgrows a position is not practical.  In this one, one click and slide and you have it adjusted to the correct height.  In fact, this car seat has 10 headrest positions.
  • Reclining position.  We have loved the reclining positions because you have 6 different positions to choose from (depending on if the seat is forward or rear-facing).  We like to add a pool noodle or a towel behind the car seat when switching to the forward-facing position, so our child can sleep a bit better when making long road trips.
  • Easy washable.  We just detach the fabrics from the car seat and toss them into the washer and dryer.  It is quick to clean.  You can also wash all the plastic and metal parts with cold water and mild soap.
  • Easy installation.  Installation was a bit of a hassle in the beginning, but that was due to not taking the time to read the manual thoroughly before trying to install.  We thought we were car seat experts already.  It turned out we weren’t.  Taking a look at the manual is always a good idea.  That makes installation of this car seat very easy.
  • This car seat has a reasonable price tag if you consider that it lasts for 10 years.  However, it is a good chunk of money that has to be paid in one exhibition.
  • Extended rear-facing.  Since your child is comfortable, you can have her rear-facing until she is 2+ years old.
  • 5-point harness.  Although most car seats have this option, we think it is necessary to mention it.  It gives you the security that your child can move even less in the event of a collision.
  • 2 cupholders.  This is always important for us.  We do not like to give and take stuff from the kids all the time while on the road.  They want to get rid of a sippy cup, a toy, or they want it handed, etc.  These 2 cupholders are wide enough to hold a good amount of stuff the children bring along.

Things we don’t like

  • This car seat is not a carrier.  You cannot carry this one around, neither does it detach from the base.  And there is no handle to carry it.  So for newborns or young babies, it can be quite impractical.
  • Inserts and cushions are easily misaligned.  For young babies, you still need those inserts to provide a snug and safe ride for the baby, and we don’t like that you cannot somehow fasten these inserts because they are seldom in the right place.
  • This is a heavy car seat.  Not practical for switching between vehicles very often.  Nevertheless, you cannot have a very lightweight car seat with so many features.  It weighs 22.75 pounds.
  • It is not only heavy but also wide and large, which can become a problem to use in small cars.  With 19.5 inches wide, shell height extendable to 34 inches and 12.5 inches deep, it is very bulky.
  • The fabrics are sometimes not easy detachable because of multiple layers, which, however, is a minor problem.  What we found is that the fabric is not breathable, which makes the kids sweat more easily.  Although it is comfortable and quality fabric, we would like to see a different type that would not make kids sweat so much.  On the other hand, during the winter months, it is warmer.
  • The price.  When we first saw the price, we were not ready to pay so much for a car seat.  However, when we saw all those features, we thought, it was actually a very reasonable offer.
  • The seat belt cannot be locked when installing the car seat, as many competitor car seats can.
  • A child is safest in the middle of the back seat.  However, our view in the rear-view mirror has been blocked every since we had to raise the headrest.  That can be very annoying.
  • The harness cannot be easily cleaned.  Although you can spot-clean the harness, it is not easy to get it completely clean.

Our Verdict

As you can see, we really like these car seats from the experience that we have with them.  For so many features, you would expect to pay more than you will actually pay.

We do think that the Graco 4Ever All In One convertible car seat is a product for parents who love to travel and are frequently on the road,  Also for those that want to see their children comfortable.  If you are seldom on the road, you would not need all these awesome features.  However, we can highly recommend this car seat to anyone looking to buy a quality, safe, long-lasting, easy-to-handle car seat.

If you should have any questions, comments, share thoughts, and experiences, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.  We are more than happy to interact with our readers.

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