Angelina & Oscar are the founders and directors of PetersKidz.com.  They have been married for over 10 years and have two precious little sons that mean the world to them.  


Angelina has a background as an administrative assistant in Chiropractic, which has taught her many valuable lessons in health and organizing skills.  She has been a homemaker ever since her children were born.About Angelina

Helping her children develop physically and mentally have been her focus.  Following her instinct as a mom, she has been able to develop many skills in her children.

Angelina loves to stimulate her kids from the early stages through various games, plays, activities, and more.  She involves her children in all she does, thus broadening the kids’ horizon.

Cooking and gardening are among her favorite hobbies, which she does together with her husband, as he enjoys both as well.


Oscar has a Bachelors and Masters degree in Education and has been an elementary and middle school teacher for a number of years.  He also has been head principal since 2013 in a Private Christian Elementary and Secondary School of around 400 students.  Oscar‘s teaching background and a passion for teaching and learning, as well as his keen interest in child development, has been an asset for his current position, as well as a benefit for his sons.About Oscar

Oscar is a family-oriented person, devoting lots of his spare time to his family’s well-being.  He loves reading, making music, learning, gardening.  He considers himself a person that is willing to take risks and try out new things.  He is usually motivated and likes to do things thoroughly.

Since his sons were born, he has been reading and learning all about parenting and the challenges that come along with that important role.  He has been very concerned about his children’s emotional, physical, and developmental well-being.  Staying on top of new research, together with his faith and religious beliefs, he has tried to keep a balance and make the wisest and best decisions for his family.


Angelina & Oscar have learned so much about car seat safety in the years since they have had their children and they do think others could benefit from what they have learned.  Parents should make sure that everything is covered regarding safety on the road.  Making an informed decision when acquiring one of the most important products for your children is crucial.

They are knowledgeable about the subject and share their experiences and knowledge.  They review a series of products to help parents of young children make wise decisions.


At PetersKidz.com we believe that every baby deserves utmost safety on the road and that their parents need to provide them with the right equipment to ensure that.  It is also their goal to help parents make informed decisions about purchases they make for their children.


If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Angelina & Oscar


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