The 4Ever All In One Graco Car Seat Review 2019

The 4Ever All In One Graco Car Seat

The 4Ever All In One Graco Car Seat Full Review 2019

Have you decided to buy a car seat that will not only be for the first year of your baby’s life? Or has your baby outgrown the infant carrier that you bought around a year ago? Then you are on the right spot here because we have reviewed the best convertible car seats that will fit all your needs.

The 4Ever All In One Graco Car Seat has remained in the top ten convertible car seats for many years and it proves to be a good choice for so many parents over and over again.

We are the happy owners of a few of these car seats as well, and they have been a great choice for our family as well.  With so many features and such a long lifespan, parents cannot ask for much more when it comes to the safety and comfort of their child. read more

Top Baby Necessities: Here Is What We Learned

As the time approaches for your baby to arrive, you are most likely questioning what you will need to make the baby comfortable and welcome.  You might have even searched the internet.  There are tons of baby blogs and thousands of items that people want you to buy for your baby.  You can even find lists of essentials from stores.  Did all that information confuse you?

Before our first baby was born, we thought we definitely needed to buy many items in preparation for the arrival of that baby.  We went ahead and bought things we considered essential.  It turned out that many of those items we thought necessary were a complete nuisance.  We could have saved some money to use for items that are more important and more needed than the ones we bought. read more

Best Convertible Car Seat Buying Guide 2019

Car seats are the single most important products that you will buy for your child in the first few years of life.  Children need to be restrained in car seats for more safety.  Research shows the difference a car seat can make in a child’s life.  There are numerous injuries and fatalities every year in young children due to being unrestrained in vehicles.

With car seat regulations and laws that have changed so much in the past 40 years, it is very important to stay up to date and know exactly what to buy. read more

Why Is Car Seat Safety Important? A Must Read For All Parents

We as parents struggle to keep our children in the car seat.  The desperate cries and screams are so often intolerable, which explains why some parents give up the fight.

On the other hand, car seats can be such a hassle to install correctly, that we are guilty of doing it incorrectly at some times.  We do not take the time to read the manuals and to understand how to install a car seat properly.

Research estimates that at least three-quarters of car seats are installed improperly or that children are not seated in them correctly, with the harness tight enough. read more

The History Of Car Seats: Interesting Facts

We know about the challenges that parents today face when making decisions about what to buy for their children.  With hundreds of car seats on the market, it is very hard to know what to choose.

While it is hard to choose, today we are going to share with you the history of car seats and it will truly brighten up your day when you read and see more about where car seats started and how far they have come.

The First Vehicle

When you think about the long way car seats have come in the past century, you cannot believe how fast things can evolve.  The first gas-powered car was made back in 1885 (see image), which is just over 130 years ago.  It has not been that long and where are we today?  Automobiles have become accessible for even the poorest in many cases. read more

How Long Should A Baby Be Rear Facing In A Car Seat?

Many parents of small babies are unsure about the position to keep their baby in the car seat.  Since babies usually hate to sit in the rear-facing position and cry more than when they are in the forward-facing position, parents give in more easily and switch the car seat to the forward-facing position.

The question then is, how long should a baby be rear facing? Although there is no rule of thumb, most parents should wait a bit longer before they actually switch their baby into a different position. read more

Do Baby Car Seats Expire? Yes! Here Is Why

You have been there: You stored some leftovers in your fridge and without wanting, it was pushed to the back little by little. After a week, you clean the fridge and you find that container, wondering what is in there.  And it hits you:  Ughhhh, that smell!  Yes, that milk jug, those leftovers, they do expire.

But do baby car seats expire?  Just like the food in your refrigerator could not be eaten anymore, you will not be able to use your car seat forever!  And there are good reasons why you want to get rid of them in time to prevent your children from real dangers that expired car seats pose. read more

Best Infant Car Seats 2019

best infant car seats

When the time comes around to greet that bundle of joy, important decisions have to be made to make sure that cute baby will be safe.  You want your newborn baby to be always tucked into a safe place when on the road.  We got you covered with reviews of the best infant car seats that you find on the market.

Our first baby was born back in November 2014.  It was a super cold and snowy day (google record snowfall in Buffalo).  Our son was born that night only a 1-2-hour drive away from Buffalo.  We had little experience driving on frozen highways, but that is just what we did on our way back from the hospital.  That 30-minute drive turned to into a full 2-hour drive.  We were so thankful when we finally got everyone safe home. read more

Best Convertible Car Seats 2019

best convertible car seats

Have you decided to buy a car seat that will not only be for the first year of your baby’s life? Or has your baby outgrown the infant carrier that you bought around a year ago? Then you are on the right spot here because we have reviewed the best convertible car seats that will fit all your needs.

The car seat that we bought right before our first baby was born was an infant carrier with stroller combo. It was until after a year that we found out that we could have bought a convertible car seat from the beginning.  Although that has a few cons, it would have saved us some money upfront. read more


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